OAPP Board Election For The Session 2020-22



An Election Commission (EC) was established under the OAPP by-laws, during the last board meeting held on Feb 08, 2020, in Toronto. The EC was given the mandate to draft the Election Procedure. Accept nominations and conduct the Election for the new Board for the next session of 2020-22.

The Election commission was comprised of the following members:

  1. Rana Khalid Daud
  2. Chaudhry Mubashir
  3. Chaudhry Maqbool

The Election Commission held its meeting on Feb 12th, 2020 in Toronto and discussed and drafted an Election Procedure for the formal approval of the OAPP Board. The following are the recommendation as proposed by the EC. The proposed procedural guidelines are drafted by the Election Commission under given authority to the Board, hence to the Election Commission.

Upon formal approval, the following procedure will be followed during the Election of the OAPP-Board Session 2020-22.

Election Procedure and Guidelines:

  1. The election will be held on March 29, 2020.
  2. A vote will be cast through Secret Ballot.
  3. All active members participating in this Elections as voters or candidates must be the Eligible members (Membership Fee Paid by Feb 28 for the year 2020)
  4. Eligibility criteria for Candidates.
  • No new member registered during March 01, 2019, to Feb 28, 2020, are eligible for any position to contest in the election,
  • A contesting member must be an active member for at least last one year,
  • A Member can contest only for ONE executive position out of the open executive member positions.
  1. All nominations will be submitted on the official Nomination Form provided by the election commission, duly signed by the candidate and nominator/s.
  2. Any member of the association can be a Nominator or Second Nominator for only TWO Candidates at a time. ( For Different Positions)
  3. Nominations/ Second Nominations must reach to EC on or before March 15, 2020, via email at oapmpelections@gmail.com
  4. Any Candidate can Withdraw his candidacy from any position on or before March 22, 2020, at oapmpelections@gmail.com
  5. All Candidates should be aware of the Duties of these posts, before contesting Election. (For their roles and responsibilities candidates can contact General Secretary of the Board to seek the information for their role.)
  6. Each Candidate will be provided 2-3 minutes to explain his objectives/goals on the open forum of the General Body before the poling on March 29, 2020
  7. Nomination forms will be accepted only if the non-refundable Election Fee is paid in full by cheque or e-transfer receipt attached to the form. A receipt will be issued later for the paid fee. All fees are inclusive of HST.
  8. Election Fee for the various positions are scheduled as below:
    • President $100.00
    • VP $50.00
    • General Secretary $50.00
    • Treasurer $50.00
    • Information Secretary $50.00
  9. In case No candidate comes up for anyone or more posts, Election commission can offer the post to the previous officer, who worked at the same post. If he is also not agreed, then Election Commission can propose any member from the previous Board for the said post.
  10. EC members will not cast their votes unless there is a situation of Tie.
  11. All communications regarding OAPMP ELECTIONS 2020 will be done through oapmpelections@gmail.com 

Candidate Nomination Application for Election 2020:



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