Welcome to Unity for Professional Excellence

OAPP Vision:

Professionalism and sustainability of small businesses in the pest management industry.

OAPP Mission:

Promoting small-scale pest management professionals as the first choice for achieving a long-term, sustainable and economic solutions against the nuisance pests through the adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices.

Our Objectives

– To educate the public at large about the structural pests and their management through Integrated Pest Management practices.

– To establish standards of practices in the reflections of given guidelines from the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health,

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  • To develop and promote PPA as a professional body that offers policy guidelines to the small businesses in the industry,
  • To promote PPA as a recognized platform that speaks on behalf of the members of PPA to safeguard the interests of its members
  • To establish PPA as a training and information resource for the members and public
  • To facilitate its members in getting low-cost inputs (chemicals, tools, and equipment) to increase their profitability,
  • To enhance the competitiveness of the PPA.

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