OAPP Objectives:

Providing a platform to the members of OAPP:

  • To educate the public at large about the structural pests and their management through Integrated Pest Management practices.
  • To establish standards of practices in the reflections of given guidelines from the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health,
  • To identify challenges to small Scale Pest Management Professional in the industry and finding their solutions,
  • To establish a platform to voice the profession’s concerns to the stakeholders and law-makers,
  • To lobby the influential and authorities for regulations to protect the interests of the public, consumers of our services and at the same time small businesses in the profession of Pest Extermination,
  • To collaborate with each other for sharing information and solutions of tough challenges,
  • To invite and engage vendors and suppliers of products and service supplies for improving service efficiencies and professional excellence,
  • To offer a training and knowledge source for the Pest Management small-scale industry professionals and their clients and customers

OAPP Long Term Goals:

  • To develop and promote PPA as a professional body that offers policy guidelines to the small businesses in the industry,
  • To promote PPA as a recognized platform that speaks on behalf of the members of PPA to safeguard the interests of its members
  • To establish PPA as a training and information resource for the members and public
  • To facilitate its members in getting low-cost inputs (chemicals, tools, and equipment) to increase their profitability,
  • To enhance the competitiveness of the PPA.

The members of the “Alliance” will cater their membership experience through benefit from mutual professional learnings. We will be working towards establishing a bargaining and negotiation status at the vendors, associated service providers and supplier’s end. It includes but not limited to, pesticide and equipment suppliers and vendors, Auto and Business Insurance companies, Group Insurance companies, physiotherapists, Dental and Vision coverage providers, etc.

Ultimately the better bargaining position will help to keep the members at their excellence and reduce the cost of business that would be passed on to the end user of our services.

Among our members, we have many experienced and highly qualified experts in the pest management industry, who share their knowledge and experiences with other members who attend the regular meetings. (please click here to see the members’ list)

We can say that this alliance is “UNITY FOR PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE”.